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Angelia Translation, as one strongly professional and experienced local translation service agency in Singapore, provide diversified services. Regarding quality as the cornerstone of development, we provide comprehensive, accurate and high-quality translation service for clients by process control, division of labor, quality management and other operation ways. We have been devoted to help domestic and foreign clients cross language and cultural barriers, go to the world and establish long-term, stable and trustworthy cooperation relations with their clients in the long term.

Our company is located at the prime location of downtown in Singapore with convenient traffic. We own more than 20 full-time translators and about 100 part-time translators from different regions and countries. All of our translators own bachelor or master’s degree and most of them have the experience learning or working in foreign countries. We have translated dozes of frictions and win clients’ approval.

We maintain a good cooperation relation withe many Singapore’s governmental departments and are the good partner of National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic and other Singapore-based universities. We regard clients’ interests as the first priority, strictly carry out the operation flows of “translation, review and second review” to all translation projects and take strict quality control measures before, in and after translation to provide the most high-quality target language for clients. Our translation won many Singapore’s governmental departments, high courts and embassies’ approval.

Other translation business, we also have been devoted to the expansion of publication career. Our main publication businesses target Chinese books and play an important function in advertising and enhancing Chinese books in Singapore market. We successively launched a series of excellent Chinese works, like Li Changke’s The Life in the Turbulent Times and Come and Go in Eighteen Years, He Wan’s Today’s Students, Zhuang Xin’s Keep an Eye Open and Tang Xiaolan’s Walk along the Wind.


Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, Italian and Spanish
Car, Finance, Insurance, Law, Medical Care, Building, IT, Machine Manufacturing, Chemical Industry, Publication, Governmental Agencies And Agencies For Studying Abroad
  • Written Translation 90% 90%
  • Culture and Art 80% 80%
  • Personal Materials 70% 70%


Profession, high efficiency and high quality are our philosophies. Don’t hesitate, please contact us now!