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Step 1

We will offer a price according to the relevant industry, content length and complexity of the materials after receiving the documents.

Step 2

Sign a cooperation agreement with clients by e-mail or on site.

Step 3

After one translation project is established, a corresponding project team will be built and the senior translator will lead its members to analyze the documents and determine the professional scope and complexity of documents.

Step 4

The members of translation team initially translate the documents.

Step 5

After initial translation, the experienced senior translator reviews the target language to ensure no grammar and spelling mistakes.

Step 6

The mother tongue expert reviews the target language to ensure that words are accurate and native and conform to the language habits of native speakers.

Step 7

Then, professional typesetting personnel typeset the target language to make its format formal and beautiful.

Step 8

Within one month after submitting manuscripts, free correction is provided.


Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, Italian and Spanish
Car, Finance, Insurance, Law, Medical Care, Building, IT, Machine Manufacturing, Chemical Industry, Publication, Governmental Agencies And Agencies For Studying Abroad
  • Written Translation 90% 90%
  • Culture and Art 80% 80%
  • Personal Materials 70% 70%


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